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mostly mundane musings; also observations, objections and other.
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“Fake it till you make it,” they say, but what happens when we can’t continue to fake it? There’s this myth that hard work equals prosperity, that any personal issues need to just be ignored, you have to “get over it, snowflake.”

If the social experiment of capitalism and colonization has shown us anything, it’s that power corrupts (or maybe it’s cause/correlation; that those who go for power are corrupt or those IN power have corruptions stemming from elitism.)

Ever missed a bill and then you’re slapped with the NSF fees? Suddenly that $40 bill is charging you over a hundred from the bill issuers and the banks. That’s a poor tax.

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When I was growing up I thought my parents (particularly my father) knew everything but as I age, I increasingly see that that was the intended perception, stemming from his anxiety and insecurity, and we all have so much to learn.

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It’s important for us to maintain perspective when pursuing social justice and equality. As much as we may want to yell sense into someone, it’s only going to create further divides at the end of the day.

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We are complicated grown-up children, but also fine-tuned machines that we don’t really understand.

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Our lives are our own unique journey.

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